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14th March 2011

kowarth10:16pm: 9.5 chapter 3
Chapter ThreeCollapse )

10th February 2011

kowarth6:38pm: 9.5.2
Chapter TwoCollapse )

9th February 2011

kowarth5:52pm: 9.5 Bump In The Night
The house was crumbling, even by the rotten standards of the street in which it sat. Soot blackened walls behind a withered hedge made it look almost derelict. The windows were intact, smoke stealing from the worn chimney pot even though no light managed the same escape. Observers could tell that there was something more about the place. The dock workers trudging home in the driving rain moved away from its wide drive, risking a soaking from a passing Hansom rather than walk too close.

By contrast the dark black coach that sat opposite was the picture of elegance...Collapse )

16th July 2010

kowarth7:58pm: From the Desk of the Minister for Information
It has been a long time since I had occasion to set pen to paper in this Journal.
Ironic isn't it, that I still use that turn of phrase despite the electronics in this office. If I wanted I could allow the voice recognition systems to type and spell check this as I go, smoothing out my accent and occasional flights of fancy.
but that takes away the story from being mine.

There are still so many tales yet to tell of my time with the Doctor:
The night Lily discovered how much of her past could catch up with her at the hands of a Victorian Medium.
Xantist's pregnancies, my brother Chris's death and my subsequent running from Earth.
The Terrible Torment of the Transgressors of Tiriopolis, and oh so many problems Ichigo could cause!

They are becoming harder to recall now, time clouding the facts with obscurities and deja vu.
I saw the Doctor just the other day. He didn't know me, our years together lost the second he used the moment.

I miss him. Even when he's in the same room.

23rd April 2008

kowarth10:37pm: 9.3 EpilogueCollapse )
kowarth8:07pm: Episode 3Collapse )
kowarth8:05pm: 9.3 episode 2Collapse )
kowarth7:55pm: 9.3 The Secret of Lies
The stairwell was gloomy in the wan moonlight. Its polished mahogany banister creaking in the faintest breeze. When the shadow ran past it was all the worn fixings could do to halt a date with gravity.
Behind the shadow stalked a blue suited figure, peak capped with a truncheon at the ready.
It stepped off the stairwell into the sudden glare of a torch beam.
“You’ll never take me alive, Copper!” came the screaming voice of the shadow. Before the sentence ended it was drowned out by rattling gunfire.
The blue suit fell backward, missed its footing and tumbled down one flight. Then it crashed through the banister and dropped the rest of the way in a hail of woodchip.

At ground level the twisted body twitched and clicked as it came to rest on the marble floor, crazing the stone.
“Dammit Zinc.” It breathed tortuously “this isn’t a game.”
And that’s when the light in its eyes faded to black.

9.3 The Secrets of Lies by Paul J Guest Episode 1Collapse )

26th November 2006

kowarth3:01pm: 8.9 Epilogue
In the inky blackness of space hung an unremakable blue /grey world. Chicago43 had been a bustling hub of colonist activity. New buildings, new prosperity. Old money bred old corruption and dissent began.
Then the planet got a new moon and a new goddess in a ball of fire.
From the dissention new heroes rose to the cause.
They didn't follow a flag or a general. They followed a stranger with an agenda of his own, one that would see him consumed in the fires of his foe. Or so they thought.
But was the struggle, the devastation, worth the cost?

8.9 Epilogue by P.J Guest, from an idea by PJ Guest and Rebekah Phoenix KassidaCollapse )
kowarth2:50pm: 8.8 Witness Tales
How could he not have not have noticed the date?
The Doctor stared in shock as Jack runs ahead of them. Stares as he see’s the teenager blown through the shop front for the second time in his long, long life.
In the time it takes for the girl to hurtle to the ground his history crystallises in his mind. He knows he’s about to make a serious error, he knows the past is set is set in stone. But he has to try, for her sake, perhaps even for his own.
Could it be that the wolf that stalks the waking world is this fragile human form from deep in his own past.
“Lily?” he manages under his breath

8.8 The Witness Tales by PJ Guest & Rebekah Phoenix KassidaCollapse )

9th October 2006

kowarth6:53pm: 8.7 The Survivor's Tale
Lily's eyes flicked open and remained at halfway as she shaded them against the light with a hand. She heard a squeak of joy and two pairs of hands clasped on to hers.
They belonged to a couple who looked right at home tangled up as they were. The male shook his head as the female twisted from under him and sent him sprawling, leaping onto the bed, "Lily!" Lilac eyes closed as her friend hugged her tightly.
But hadn’t Ichigo been left behind on Chicago 43? She was sure she remembered…
"Lily?" Ichigo was peering at her. The Doctor took the girl's slender fingers and helped her down from the bed, before looking at what had so interested her. Ichigo pushed forwards again to look closer, her normally open features creased with shock.
At what must have been a questioning glance, the shifter became a round mirror, rimmed with lilac. As The Doctor helped her to sit up, she gazed at the girl who stared back. She barely recognised her. Her hair appeared to have grown beyond her shoulders, and was tinted with orange dust from the moon. Beneath the blue fringe was something much odder though - her eyes, always cobalt blue, were now noticeably different colours, a darker Prussian blue on the right to a green-grey on the left.
She was shaking, she knew, and Ichi's giggles at being held stopped quickly as she reverted, dropping to the bed to hug her friend tightly.

8.7 - The Survivor's Tale. By P.J Guest and Rebekah Phoenix KassidaCollapse )

8th October 2006

kowarth9:26pm: 8.6 The Revenger's Tale
You know, when I was in school I had it drummed into me that stories – or good stories at any rate – had a beginning, middle and an end.
And Mrs Hunt was quite right, they do. The problem is where does it begin?
How much do you need to know before the inevitable middle makes sense?
For instance, right now, I’m sat here in this dustbowl and I’m pretty sure I’m near the end of the story. But do I start with how we got here, what I’m doing with this button or do I go further back?
Does my constant and mostly imaginary reader need to know, or perhaps be reminded that the creature known as the HOST is a being composed of indefinable extradimensional matter and that’s its invading our universe. Is there a point in reminding them of the deaths of my first love and my friend at the things, well not exactly hands. You know what I mean.
Cos if I need to mention that then I have to go back over three years of near misses and coincidental events that the thing may have been responsible for. Or not.
More recently it became proactive. It ambushed the TARDIS. Broke through and blasted Lily and me with its powers. Took lily over and created an avatar to do its bidding as it prepared to take a planet sized being as its new body.
I tried to stop it. But I failed. Lily’s practically a relative.
Would you be able to pull the trigger?
Doesn’t matter now anyway.
Like I said. It’s coming to the end.

8.6 The Revenger’s Tale. By P.J Guest and Rebekah Phoenix Kassida (Story and concept by P.J Guest and R.P. Kassida)Collapse )

7th October 2006

kowarth6:14pm: 8.5 The Time Travellers Tale
The Doctor’s cheek was wet. He couldn’t recall going to sleep anywhere damp. But then, when he thought about it, he couldn’t recall going to sleep.
Running, he could recall that. And the avatar swooping towards him. Oh dear.

The Time lord was stood at the controls of the TARDIS before his conscious mind had registered that he was awake. He sniffed at the dampness on his cheek and realised Xan must have tried to lick him awake. He glanced about him to give a reassuring smile but found she was knelt in the porchway of the Outer doors.
He’d obviously missed something but first things first, where was he. The console told him the ship was in a temporal orbit. Now that seemed familiar. He stepped to one side, reading the display on the next panel and nearly collided with the blonde time lady – er Valeris, yes, Valeris he thought.
“Ah, hello again, managed the temporal orbit then, well done, can’t have been easy in this old thing.”
“Er no, I think its too late though.”
“Really, whatever gives you that idea?” Valeris nodded at the doors again. From this new position The Doctor could see that Xan was knelt over someone.

“Susan?” The Doctor asked as he ran over. Xan shook her head.
“She tried to help me get inside. We weren’t quick enough.” The timelord placed a gentle hand on Xan’s shoulder.
“Max is still there. He won’t be able to stop her.”
“Then we shall have to give him all the help we can.”

8.5 The Time Travellers Tale by PJ Guest (story and concept by PJ Guest and Rebekah Phoenix Kassida)Collapse )

6th October 2006

kowarth6:54pm: 8.4 The Loved One's Tale
Lily sat on the edge of the valley. Behind her was dust and ahead of her was a lush and verdant garden of flora, populated by large woodlice. She’d watched them in the last few hours, dragging things towards a weeping willow. She knew they had a bunker there to protect them from what was to come.
It wasn’t until she had found the valley that she recognised the planet she had been dumped on. Not that it would do her any good. She was a formless mass, what her Gran would no doubt have called a wee wilo ta wisp. She didn’t want to say ghost. Ghost implied death but she knew that was not so. Her body still existed, even if it had been stolen by the great orange energy that encircled this world.
At least she wasn’t alone.

8.4 The Loved One's Tale. By P.J Guest and Rebekah Phoenix Kassida (Story & Concept By P.J Guest and Rebekah Phoenix Kassida)Collapse )

5th October 2006

kowarth9:06pm: 8.3 The Shapeshifter's Tale
I ran after Captain Jack as he made for the console room where we had left Lily. Each step brought me closer to my usual stunning self.
I could tell from the expletive’s Jack was shouting that something was wrong.
Lily had left.
We caught up with her outside where she was blasting holes in the ground and seemed intent on terrifying a kid. Any doubt I had that Lily was no longer in her own body evaporated.
Jack ran towards max and I saw him drag him to the ground. I watched max punch Jack down and leap towards Lily.
Then there was a stutter. I don’t know what else to call it, like a skipped track on a CD. And suddenly I was running from the TARDIS again, Jack well ahead of me. He and Max were engaged in a full-blown fistfight.
I saw Lily laughing, heard her cry out as she swooped on the child in front of her and watched max leap into their path. Then they were gone, both of them.
My own head swam whatever that stutter had been it tore at me, like a wound inside my head.

I started forward to where the Doctor, my doctor that is, and Xan were staring at the burnt ground. And it all started again.

8.3 the shapeshifter’s tale by P.J.Guest (story concept by PJ Guest and Rebekah Phoenix Kassida)Collapse )

4th October 2006

kowarth11:06pm: 8.2 The Good Wife's Tale
Every time Xan closed her eyes she could see them. Her husband diving for the possessed body of her best friend, and the way the earth had swallowed them.
The raging flames between her and her loved ones.
With her eyes open she saw the Doctor wrestling with the controls of TARDIS. He looked as haggard as she had ever seen him, his chestnut curls a straggly mat of perspiration. His velvet jacket was torn and discarded over one of the rails bordering the console.
He’d collected the remains of one of the fallen monitor screens and jammed it against the controls as he tried to bring a flicker of life to it. Immersed in work as he was Xan couldn’t tell what he may have been thinking or felling for the passing of his friends. There was a threat out there and whatever this HOST was it still needed to be defeated.
But for Xantist Kowarth, defeat had already occurred.

8.2 – The Good Wife’s tale. By P.J.Guest. (story concept PJ Guest & Rebekah Phoenix Kassida)Collapse )

3rd October 2006

kowarth7:06pm: 8.1 The Captain's tale
I hadn’t been aboard long, couldn’t be sure anyone really trusted me yet. I mean, sure, I’d saved their lives a couple of times but I had of history between them and me.
We landed in a park, bit of breeze, nothing unusual on the scanners.
Rose said she wanted to go and get something called American idiot. At first I thought she was having a dig at me, what with the accent. But the Doctor explained that it was an album.

To this day I don’t know where we were, outside of Earth. The high street was narrow and pretty Old World so I’d bet on England, probably the south. Rose found her album and we were headed back down towards the park when the wristcomp bleeped at me.
It was a split second decision.
I ran for the source of the disturbance as one of the windows ahead-exploded outwards with a fury of orange sparks. At its centre was a girl. I pulled her from the shrapnel and pushed her blonde hair from her face.
I’d seen this girl before. As Rose caught up I could hear her gasp the girls name.

Doctor Who – The Captain’s tale by PJGuest (story concept PJ Guest and Rebekah Phoenix Kassida)Collapse )

2nd October 2006

kowarth7:32pm: 8.0 Prologue to Infinity
Waves washed lifelessly against a dry, cracked bay of earth. There was little here; all sound was obliterated by a ringing noise from a torn, hazy orange sky. The whole planet was bathed in this unearthly glow.
Close to the edge were two female figures. The first was seated, her eyes closed and the lines of her angular face all pointing downwards. The second, a thin girl with a torn blue shirt, was standing, eyes wide open, watching the haze as it flickered in places, boiling at the edges.
She swallowed, her mouth as dry as the day she'd died.
"It's time." her thin, ghostly voice was barely audible, but her companion's eyes opened, and then narrowed.
They'd been here a long time, waiting.
Waiting for her return.

8.0 Prologue to Infinity. By P.J Guest & Rebekah Phoenix KassidaCollapse )

11th June 2006

kowarth7:33pm: EpilogueCollapse )
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