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Temporal Agent

Lily had linked arms with the Dr on the way back to the TARDIS. She was teasing him about how much Ichigo would like his current appearance.
Max and Xan followed along at a small distance, cradling the stasis box between them. Smoke tried not to think that they held it like a child. He also tried to avoid thinking of the husk of the woman they had left in the street.
Dad had been right all those years ago. When the doctor was around things were never dull, but people died. Perhaps it was time to go home after all.
He started to sing; unconsciously choosing a song his mother had loved. A hand touched his sleeve and he looked up into lily’s eyes.
“I know that song, that’s the monks of Harmony isn’t it?”
“Yeah, mum always loved them, she took me to see them as a kid.”
“Really? They were at Max’s wedding, they were great, I hope to get to see them again.” Smoke smiled his lazy smile.
“Sure you will, trust me.” He patted her hand “I think this is your stop”
They had indeed arrived at the TARDIS. Lily smiled and kissed him on the cheek. She patted his hip and waved as she walked over to the doors. Max and Xan thanked him for his help as lily held the door for them.
With his companions inside the Dr shook Smokes hand. “Well, take care. Maybe next time we’ll meet in the right order.”
“Eh, what’s that supposed to mean?”
“Don’t think I don’t know who you are, Smoke Kowarth- Wood.”
"I dropped the Kowarth, Smoke Wood’s more interesting. How do you know I'm not supposed to be here today, it could be you whose out of time Dr, your hairs a lot longer than I remember?"
“Shouldn’t you be somewhere?” the timelord told him without humour.
“Yeah, good to see you too.” The boy replied but the doors to the battered Police box were already closing.
He stepped away, the chorus of the song back on his lips. “You’re driftwood floating underwater
Breaking into pieces pieces pieces, Just driftwood hollow and of no use..”

In deepest void the TARDIS appeared for an instant. With a hiss of extended forcefield inaudible in the vacuum a door opened. A small white box tumbled outward drifting silently away as the TARDIS disappeared again.
Inside the hum and flow of the console room fills the air. Max and Xan move back from the doors and glance across at the Doctor. He stares into the blue column of the time rotor, his features grim.
Silently Max leads his wife to their room. He can tell there is a storm coming. He can see the unfinished business in the Doctor’s eyes.
As they leave, Lily moves to the timelords side and hugs him. He puts an arm around her instinctively until she moves away. “You might want to change” she offered from the doorway that led deeper into the ship. “Before Ichi arrives”
“Too late Lilykins” giggled a voice from the door. Lily was wrapped in a passionate embrace by the vibrant shapeshifter. “Didya miss me? Did ya” Ichigo, asked as her hands made a sweep of Lily’s body. Once lily thought this was a search for sugar, these days she couldn’t be sure.
“Yeah I missed you” she smiled. “I got you a present”
“For me?” Ichi gushed. “Then I’ll see you in your room in a bit” she dropped her voice to a whisper. “And don’t change a thing ok?” she pleaded, stroking a hand over her friends rear. Lily blushed and nodded.
“First I have to find out what that delicious scent is.” Ichigo purred as she stalked up on the Doctor. He seemed to be entranced by the motion of the rotor so she felt it her duty to interrupt his train of thought. 'Dr?'
“Do you taste as good as you smell?"
“Whatever do you..' The Doctor started but the timelord wasn’t able to complete the sentence as Ichigo’s tongue filled his mouth.
He felt her body writhe against his leg and moved his hands down her back to calm her.
From the feeling of her naked flesh under his fingers, calming wasn’t what she had in mind.

There was a whine of fading engines in the air as Lily sat reading her book.
Visitors were common enough since the Max had become the Minister of Information. So when footsteps headed for the garden where she sat, her visitors still had the element of surprise.
“Hey mum.” Smoke purred as if he’d just got in from school, not a few years bumming around the galaxy. She stood and hugged him to her, her darker eye glistening with pride.
“Whatever brings you home?” she wondered to him in the indecisive embrace.
“Well, thought I’d better introduce the family to my fiancée.” He replied with his usual devious honest. He stepped back to reveal the svelte denim clad form of Twenty. Lily smiled.
“Hello, I was wondering if we were ever going to meet again.” Lily walked to her future daughter in law and pulled her into a warm embrace. Twenty blushed.
“So it was you.”
“Sort of, it’s a bit complicated, we’ll have plenty of time to talk about it I’m sure.”
Twenty dug in her pocket and pulled out a folded sheet of tissue paper.
“Erm Mrs Wood, this is for you.”
“Call me lily, it makes life a lot easier.” Lily took the parcel and carefully peeled it open. Inside lay a single earring, Zyton gems still intact.
“When I knew it was you, well, I couldn’t destroy it.” When Lily looked up, tears were streaming down her face. Without a word she pulled twenty too her again, the hug this time was full of emotion.
“i.. I don’t know what to say. Thank you.” She bit her lip for a second then pulled away and sat back down on the bench in the shade.
“Why don’t you go and ask Auntie if there’s a place to stow our gear?” Smoke asked Twenty. She nodded and turned away.
Lily patted the bench and her son sat down next to her.
“Does your father know your back?”
“No, we came straight here. I wanted to see you.”
“Of course you did. But be sure to talk to him ok”
“Talking to dads easy, if you can find him.” he smiled at his mum.
“Tell me about it.” She smiled back. “About the other thing.”
“The erm, ‘catapult’ you mean?” he swallowed “did you want it back?”
“No. When I gave it to you it was a token of affection from a young lady to a young man. Let’s leave it at that eh? A trophy from beating the monsters.”
Smoke nodded and patted the pocket at his hip that his future mum had smuggled her knickers into. “I love you mum.” He told her as he hugged her.
“Did you really ought to tell me that with my knickers in your pocket?” she giggled mischievously.
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