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8.8 Witness Tales

How could he not have not have noticed the date?
The Doctor stared in shock as Jack runs ahead of them. Stares as he see’s the teenager blown through the shop front for the second time in his long, long life.
In the time it takes for the girl to hurtle to the ground his history crystallises in his mind. He knows he’s about to make a serious error, he knows the past is set is set in stone. But he has to try, for her sake, perhaps even for his own.
Could it be that the wolf that stalks the waking world is this fragile human form from deep in his own past.
“Lily?” he manages under his breath

Rose has met Lily before, and knows her as the intelligent little mischief maker she's always been.

So theres something more frightening then usual when the creature advancing upon you and your friends is a friend herself, burning orange eyes and halos of flame.

And somewhere in her minds eye, Rose thinks that somehow she knows how the girl feels. She can imagine so clearly what it feels like to have your mind occupied by something so much bigger and brighter then yourself.

And she wonders if all Lily needs to save her is warm arms and a goodbye kiss.

Arthur Pottinger had been enjoying his scones when the explosion came. He may have been invalided out over the Falklands but RAF training still held his instincts, even at his age. Perhaps that was why he was still concious and alive when the burning girl flew past his head.
She didn’t look like a terrorist, but then the news had been full of stories after that bus had gone up. You just never knew. She wasn’t local at least. He caught a glimpse of a bearded man in some sort of high collared suit run after the girl. At least something was being done.

It was much later when he ran into the man again that he found out there was no terrorists. There was just a girl, flying in a sphere of unearthly energy, ready to end his life with a blink.

“Co-ordinator Narvin!” snapped a familiar waspish voice across the monitoring hall “Would you kindly tell me what all this fuss is about”
“Yes Madam President.” The CIA chief bowed in his plain black and white robes.
“There would seem to be a serious level of chronal shift in the mutter’s spiral at a point in time where no such shift has previously registered.”
“Isn’t that fairly common these days?” President Romana sniped.
“Indeed it would seem so my lady. However, the energy signature matches that of one that breached the transduction barriers over the capitol some little time ago” he pressed a control on his wrist and a nearby screen glowed to life, showing the glittering vortex of HOST energy into which the Avatar and Max had just fallen.
The gasp of surprise was all Narvin needed for a small gloat. “and it would appear the Doctor is involved” a tousle headed individual ran into view, a Siabarian close behind him.
“Whats that in the background?” Romana pointed to a blurry smudge stood next to a bleached blonde human.
“Unknown madam, some sort of glitch with the data processors is our best guess at his time.”
“Stabalise that portion of the vortex. The Doctor will need all the help he can get.”
“Yes Madam President.” Narvin bowed again as she swept from the room. he straightend up and narrowed his eyes. “Antilles, get a TARDIS prepared, I want someone on the ground a month before that tunnel reaches where its going.”

Beryl stared in surprise as the ghost walked through her room. A cheerful young girl with a wicked gleam in her eyes. What could have happened to her to make wander the world after she passed.
On the edge of her hearing she thought she heard a sugary voice calling out for Jack. how sad, like Rose in that film with the boat.
Desperately seeking her lost love maybe.
She sighed as the girl faded from view and grabbed her bag from her bed. she just might be in time to help take Kaelynn to school.

Ichigo saw the sad faced girl watch her pass through her room and wondered just how these other realities saw her. not that it mattered, she was getting closer to Jack, she could sense it.

Valeris jumped at the explosion as she dragged the unconcious astronaut into the street. She was met by a bedraggled band of desperate looking colonists and her heart sank. After all she’d been told about non intervention Coordinator Narvin would have her hearts for this.
One of the humans strode forward, blood in his goatee and his once proud nehru suit torn. He stared at the time lady then waved for one of his comapnions to take the girl from her.
“It’s not the Doctor.” He called to them with authourity. He took Valeris’s arm and looked sorrowfully in to her eyes.
“I don’t know where you’ve turned up from but this is a really bad time. The Avatar will have sensed your TARDIS, she’ll be here any minute.”
“The Avatar? That glowing girl on the moon?”
“You don’t want to be introduced, trust me, just get back inside and go before she tries to stop you.”
“I shall be safe in my TARDIS.”
“No. You won’t. It can get in and out of a TARDIS as though it were an open door.”
“I need answers..”
“Then get them from a distance, we don’t have time.”
Valeris poked at a device on her wrist and her TARDIS faded from site. “I’m not leaving till I get some…”
“If your lucky, you might get the chance to leave at all..” From behind them came a high pitched scream of rage as the street swelled with unearthly power.
When the human grabbed her wrist Valeris ran with the rest.
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