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Temporal Agent

Xan heard the grinding of the TARDIS landing but ignored it. She sat on the edge of the bed and swung her tail behind her. She had spent the last hour of their journey in the pool while the Doctor piloted them to wherever he intended to take the transitionites.
Her fur glistened still and she knew she’d probably have to change the sheets before too long.
The door clicked open and she felt her fur stand a little in the soft breeze as Max entered the room. He sat next to her quietly and reached to put an arm around her shoulders.
“It’s done.” He reported blankly. She nodded in reply. “Lily found Ichigo by the way, she was apparently asleep in the Doctor’s room covered in icing” he fell silent after that, holding her close and listening to her breathing.
“It wasn’t terminal you know, what we saw back in Lies. I’m from about 40 years later and I’d not heard of it.”
“Thanks, but it was still...” she sought the word carefully so as not to upset her husband “distressing.” She felt him tense and hurriedly added ‘at the time.’
“I understand.” He smiled at her, concern writ large over his face. She turned towards him, pushing him back on the bed and curling next to him.
“So that thing with lily...” he started with a cough.
“What thing?”
“The er... distraction technique?”
“Oh, that” Xan smothered her smile as she moved to lick his cheek, “that was just acting.”
“It was bloody convincing acting love.”
“I’m glad you thought so, I was thinking of you”
“Really? That’s, that’s good. Er...” he swallowed hard as her tail swung over to stroke his chest “have acted like that before?”
“With Lily?”
“Well I wasn’t thinking of her...”
“With you then... you think i’m faking is that it?” she sat up, swinging her leg over his waist “or is this just a come on?”

Lily sat in her room and ignored the sounds of Max being tickled from across the hall. She had a captive audience of her own as she explained what she had been up to on her last adventure to Ichigo. The girl especially liked the honey trap part.
“So you were just stood there in your pants?” she qualified breathlessly. Lily tried not to think about what her friend might be doing.
“Yeah just my knickers”
“Don’t believe you’d do it!” Ichi giggled.
“Is that a challenge?” Lily stood and stared her friend deep in her purple eyes.
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