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Temporal Agent

C4 Silent all these years
I heard a sudden cry, and the shot go off. I flinched, but felt no pain. Then I heard the window break. And when I dared to look up, seated on the ledge, looking out of the window was Ichigo.
"That was a good story." He smiled, "Got any sugar?"
"Where did you come from?!" I cried, noticing that the bedroom door wasn't open. And there was not a lot of glass on the floor - the window had to have broken outwards.
"I er, hitched a lift." He smiled mischievously.
I opened my mouth but didn't know how to phrase what I wanted to ask. The lad grinned at me, "Are you coming along then?"
"Where?" I asked suspiciously, "Why should I trust you any more than her?"
"Cos I saved your life and didn't try to end it, babe."
I still didn't move, "I don't trust you."
"You don't have to. But the Doctor's eager to solve all this and Lily thinks you can help us. So much as you dislike me, and don't you deny it gorgeous, I'm going to take you back to them now." He was eye to eye with me now. I hadn't noticed quite how vivid the lilac was. I'd not met anybody with purple eyes before.
"Ok." I nodded, "Just let me get some clothes."
It was a longer walk uphill then it had been a run downhill. There was glass all over the pavement as I left the flat. I looked up at my window high above, and then to Ichigo.
"Did she fall?"
"No, she was pushed. I didn't mean to push her so far, but she just got up and ran off." Ichigo pulled a face as he looked at me, but seemed unsurprised. I wondered why. It was dawning on me that these people were better connected then even the police would have been.
When we got back to the site, the Doctor was nowhere to be seen. Lily was standing, watching a horde of volunteers pulling apart the wreckage of the shop. Looking for survivors. She turned to us and I saw one of her eyes was suddenly quite dark. It was dusk, but it didn't explain one eye being darker than the other. She held an Altarian cat, stroking it gently. It was dirty and thin and wild, but seemed quite comfortable in her capable arms.
Before I could speak to her, suddenly the Doctor had my arm, "Ah! Ichigo found you." he had his arm around my shoulder. Even after my earlier outburst I felt like I should melt into his grasp. Ichigo glanced sideways at me, and I coughed, "Er... I'm sorry about earlier."
"What? Oh, all forgotten, all forgiven." He waved his hand, "No, what I'm more interested in, is what followed you here." With a leap he was running after a figure in the long shadows. Ichigo grabbed Lily's hand and pulled her the other way. I was torn between which way to go, but Ichigo pointed me after the Doctor.
"But-" I gazed at Lily's lost glance, and realised it was hopeless trying to get the girl to follow them. Obviously she was susceptible to psychics. I pelted after the two figures, downhill for the second time today.
They headed out of town after a few minutes; off towards the caves. They were a wonder, supposed by some to have healing properties. I just thought the saves were kind of pretty. Like gigantic Geodes, sharp and crystalline angles everywhere inside while dull and grey rock outside.
It was here I found them. The Doctor was talking. Sarah was concentrating on something. I could tell. The sudden tension in here was astounding. Must be the enclosed space, I reasoned. Maybe the crystals focus it or something.
"Astalopithiosis." The Doctor was grinning, "You're a guardian of the temple of, or you were, before you started stealing bodies. Why did you start anyway?"
"They stole what was mine to defend." Came Sarah's hiss. I waited in the shadow of the entrance, watching the exchange from the cool, less headache-inducing, dull corridor, "I had no purpose. Time Agents." She spat angrily.
"Yes, they can be a mad lot, can't they?" The Doctor was smiling, still talking. As Sarah concentrated though, I saw him fall silent, as though his tongue itself had received a stop command. His eyes were blank suddenly. He looked so empty without those eyes burning so brightly.
I couldn't help but watch. And then Sarah spoke again, "So much wisdom. So alike. I would like you next." she turned to me, "But first." She drew her gun again. I tensed, wide-eyed.
Then Sarah started screaming. In the small space I clamped my hands to my ears, yelling in response. She was so loud I feared the crystal walls would crack. Then I saw the Doctor standing, hands over ears. His eyes were on fire again. I felt angry - whether that was perceived injustice or Sarah's own mind projecting, I still don't know.
"What have you done to her?" I demanded, holding his shoulders as she stopped screaming and began a terrible whimpering and crying. He gazed at me innocently. I could have stamped my feet, "I know you did something! I'm familiar with psychics; I can feel the tension in the air. What did you do?"
"I had to stop it, Jay. Let it think it had me... then pull it all out underneath like a carpet. Let it weave a little spell into the smallest part of my mind - and it thought even that was vast!" He managed to look proud.
I stared to her, the pain in her face, the twisted agony. And I ran to hold her, firmly. But he held me away.
"But I have to-"
He shook his head, "And have it try and jump to you as a psy-sensitive life-form?" I couldn't watch her anymore, and turned away, burying my head in the Doctor's velvet jacket.
"She has a very good friend in you, Jay. It's a shame." He had a hand on my head, squeezing me gently as she uttered a last hissing scream.
"No." I shook my head, "My names not really Jay, its Jack. I'm Jack Cayden. And that’s my sister."
He smiled, "I know."
"Your eyes." was all he said. Then he nodded to her, "its safe now. Say your goodbyes."
I gazed at him for just a second before I ran to her side, holding her as she sank to her knees, face forward, almost keeling over.
"Is that you, Duck?"
I nodded, "Yeah, it's me Sarah. Sis."
"Not long now hon." She smiled.
"Don't say that."
"Don't deny it." She chuckled, "So, anything you wanted to ask?"
"Yes." I said quietly, "What happened to Mark?" It was a mad thought, but my mind was racing. I had nothing else I wanted to say. I'd thought her dead for fifteen years - I'd laid her to rest myself, in my mind anyway.
"Mark? Oh..." She smiled, "Your little boyfriend..." she gazed into space a moment, "He ran off to be with someone he thought he loved. He died for them."
I shook my head, "I told him he sounded bad news."
She smiled, "He was loved in return, Duck."
"Oh." I sighed, "I guess that’s good."
"Oh Duck..." She whispered, but she didn't go on. She died in my arms.
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