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Temporal Agent

C5 Let me be with you
The sun was setting. We had buried Sarah quickly, in the chaos, here in the hills. Tears were still running down my cheeks. He sat beside me, looking out over the town and the water beyond.
"In all honestly Jack." The Doctor was saying, "She could have changed your memories. That’s what she seems to have been trying to do."
"No." I shook my head, "She told me about the one she picked - the one she knew could kill her. She knew he could defend himself enough to stay alive, which I wouldn't have. Guns... have never been my thing." I looked at my hands, "And the only reason she was even here, was to tell me to be careful, because whatever it was believed the little brother could defeat it. So it would keep trying to kill what it believed to be the little brother."
"It could all still be lies."
I buried my head, "I don't believe you. That’s my sister you’re talking about. Is there not some sort of test we could do, to find out?"
"You could try, I suppose. But I doubt there’s enough of her own DNA left, even on her belongings, to make a comparison."
I glanced over to the Doctor, but he was admiring the sky now, "Wonderful sunsets you have here.”
"What? Oh..." I nodded, "Yeah." My eyes were elsewhere, that being the still-smoking remains of half my town. I suddenly felt so tired and so upset. I told myself it was for the best, but looking down on Sarah's grave I felt the tears start afresh.
That was when somebody sat beside me and put their arm around me. I knew that arm. I leaned against Mal's shoulder and let him hold me. The Doctor must have slipped away before then; Mal made no jealous comment as he usually would.
As the sunset faded into twilight, Mal pulled me to my feet, "Come on lover. Time to come home."
I couldn't agree with him more.
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