Temporal Agent (kowarth) wrote in maxswhofic,
Temporal Agent

From the Desk of the Minister for Information

It has been a long time since I had occasion to set pen to paper in this Journal.
Ironic isn't it, that I still use that turn of phrase despite the electronics in this office. If I wanted I could allow the voice recognition systems to type and spell check this as I go, smoothing out my accent and occasional flights of fancy.
but that takes away the story from being mine.

There are still so many tales yet to tell of my time with the Doctor:
The night Lily discovered how much of her past could catch up with her at the hands of a Victorian Medium.
Xantist's pregnancies, my brother Chris's death and my subsequent running from Earth.
The Terrible Torment of the Transgressors of Tiriopolis, and oh so many problems Ichigo could cause!

They are becoming harder to recall now, time clouding the facts with obscurities and deja vu.
I saw the Doctor just the other day. He didn't know me, our years together lost the second he used the moment.

I miss him. Even when he's in the same room.
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